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How does IsResidential Address call work?
How does IsResidential Address call work?
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With ShippyPro IsResidentialAddress API you can automatically check if a shipping address is a residential address and even correct it with just one API call.⚡️

In this article, you will learn how IsResidentialAddress API works, to read responses and have a look to some examples.


1. Before you start

If you have just started to implement ShippyPro APIs please refer to the "Getting started" section inside ShippyPro API Documentation. Indeed, you'll need to generate an API Key to authenticate with ShippyPro API first.

2. How it works

To avoid issues with your shipments you should use a validated and well formed address, and that's exactly what IsResidentialAddress API call is for! ✨

Checking residential addresses allows you to:

  • Know if a delivery address is a house

  • Reduce possible frauds and parallel import of your products

  • Pick a specific Carrier based on the address type

Please take a look at our CheckAddressAPI section to know more about how to get a validated address.

3. IsResidential Address reference

Visit our API Documentation to view an example of IsResidentialAddress API request and response. For each validated address you can get the following items in response:

  • Result: OK if the call is successful, NOK if the call is unsuccessful

  • IsResidentialAddress: a boolean value that shows if the address is residential (true) or not (false).

Talk to our Experts to learn more about our APIs and take your business to a next level! 💪

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