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How Shipping Overview works
How Shipping Overview works
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Discover how to keep track of all your shipments through a detailed overview directly inside your ShippyPro account, and just a click away! 🚀

As a first step, click on Analytics > Shipping Overview to enter the section.

Then select the days interval you'd like to display your overview for, pick one option between:

7 days

30 days

60 days

90 days

You'll then have a panoramic of the following voices:

  • Shipping Breakdown which, in turn, will list some further detailed info such as:

Total Orders Shipped

Total Amount Spent (estimated)

Average days in transit

Average cost per shipment

  • Carriers

  • Shipping Spent Distribution

  • Countries

  • Countries - Carriers Performance from here you'll also be able to download a file containing a complete Report, you'll only have to click on Download full report

  • Worldwide Map

Here you have a breakdown of all your shipments' destinations, divided per National and International and their corresponding percentage.

📌 Kindly remind that it is mandatory to indicate the value of ShipmentAmountPaid if you'd like to see the correct average cost.

⚠️The displayed percentage in the graphic is not related to the number of orders, but to the amount of money spent on the orders.

And that's it! 🎈

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