Discover here how renew your ShippyPro Plan can't be easier than this!

As a first thing, keep in mind that by registering to ShippyPro you'll automatically activate our Free Trial: you can test Fast Growing or Professional functionalities for 30 days with a maximum of 30 orders.

Once expired, you will be asked to upgrade your Plan from Admin > Plans to keep shipping your orders:

By clicking on Choose this Plan, you'll enter the setup page. Select from here whether you'd like to subscribe to an annual or monthly Plan, as well as the average number of orders you ship. ✏️

From the section on the right you are also able to calculate the number of your shipments per year according to the monthly amount included:

E.g. Number of monthly shipments 4'000 = 48'000 annually

In order to do it, just drag the slider to the amount needed.

πŸ’‘ By subscribing to one of our annual Plans you'll get a 12% Discount!

Looks easy so far!

How can I renew my Plan once expired? πŸ”‘

Here's the drill: once subscribed to one of our Plans you won't have to manually renew it every time as ShippyPro will automatically do it for you! ✨

Once ended the period provided by your subscription (one hour before the end of it in particular), ShippyPro will renew your Plan according to the type:

  • Monthly subscription: it will be renewed with exact same details from the month before, Fast Growing or Professional, and the lower shipments range available (250).

  • Annual subscription: it will keep the same Plan type between Fast Growing or Professional and switch to the lower shipments range available (250x12=3000).

Doubts? Take a look at our FAQs:

What if I'd like to cancel my subscription? πŸ“

Easy peasy, just click on Cancel my subscription from Admin > Plans, once concluded your current Plan it won't automatically be renewed.

You'll be able to manually activate it again from the same section by adding all your Plan and Credit Card details from scratch.

And how about if I'd like to upgrade/downgrade my Plan? πŸ”

You can upgrade your Plan at any moment from Admin > Plans: to downgrade it click on Cancel my Subscription, it will ask you if you'd like to Downgrade your Plan.

πŸ“Œ For each new threshold/payment you'll receive the single invoice for each one.

What should I do if I run out of shipments? πŸ“¦

You can take it easy! Once you'll get to the last 10 shipments included in your Plan, it will automatically skip to the next range:

eg. if you subscribed to a Professional Plan with 250 orders, you'll switch to a 500 shipments as soon as you'll end the previous ones.

πŸ“Œ To avoid multiple billings or orders, you'll always be able to buy new shipments at every moment.

Please don't hesitate to reach our Sales Team at [email protected] βœ‰οΈ in case of further questions, we'd be happy to help you!

And that's it! Easy, isn't it?

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