We strongly recommend you pay attention while managing your security settings. 🔐

Following our guide How to configure your Multi-Factor Authentication on ShippyPro? you can easily configure your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and learn how to use the Recovery Codes.

However, it could happen that you could not access the chosen MFA procedure or access your Recovery Codes, but no panic our Support and Security Teams would help to reactivate your account!

So if you cannot access your profile due to any problem related to your MFA configuration and Recovery Codes, but you have access to the phone number registered while creating your ShippyPro account, please send a SMS to the following number +1 (218) 306-2906 📲

On the contrary, if you also cannot access the registered phone number, please contact us either via chat or form request from your > Support Panel by clicking on the black HELP button in the lower right corner of your account.

Our Support Team will guide you in the procedure. 📧

Done! 🎈

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