You can decide to apply the best API Fields validation option you prefer at every moment from ShippyPro account > Integrations > API.

You can choose between three different options available, let's take a look at them!

  • Enable the blocking validation control on all API requests fields: allows you to block the validation for each error encountered

  • DO NOT BLOCK but include fields validation suggestions in the API responses: allows you to display some suggestions without blocking the call

  • DO NOT BLOCK and DO NOT INCLUDE any validation suggestions in the API responses: allows you not to block the call and don't display any suggestion for the error

📌 Kindly note that if you use our API Console you won't be able to edit the scheme of each call and the predefined validation would be the hard one.

Still doubts? Contact us either via chat or form request from your Support Panel by clicking on the black HELP button in the lower right corner of your account, we'd be happy to help you!

Done! 🎈

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