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How ShippyPro Routing Optimizer works
How ShippyPro Routing Optimizer works
Updated over a week ago

With ShippyPro Routing Optimizer you can get the most out of your shipping routine.

You'll be able to lower your average shipping budget everyday by merging your orders containing similar recipient info in just a couple of clicks and automatically displaying your estimated savings! 🚀

🎬 See it in action!

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To reassume: what are the perks of merging your orders? 💡

By shipping a lot less orders you will not only reduce the environmental impact, but you'll also drastically reduce shipping costs by saving time to dedicate to your business.

Not to mention the improvement of your tracking experience, your customer will in fact receive a single tracking update, tidying up the entire process!

How does it work? 📌

ShippyPro automatically detects orders that can be auto merged, once subscribed to our Professional plan, you'll be able to merge them just clicking on this button:

Then you'll be asked to confirm the merge:

You'll also be able to display the Estimated Saving for the merge. 🙌

Please be advised that, if you use the GetPendingOrders API, if called after the merge, can fetch only the order in which all the other orders have been merged.

And that's it! ✨

🔑 Upgrade your plan to Professional to discover how ShippyPro Routing Optimizer can be the breakthrough in your shipping experience!

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