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How to add Postal Codes in bulk for your Shipping Rules?
How to add Postal Codes in bulk for your Shipping Rules?

Create a line of zip codes separated by comma with an TEXTJOIN Excel formula

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Shipping Rules allow you to ship a great amount of orders quickly!

Among the Conditions of your rules, you can select the By postcode option to include only orders whose recipient address contains a certains postal/zip code.

💡 If you want to apply multiple Postcodes you need to separate them with a comma, without spaces.

📌 Using the TEXTJOIN Excel formula is the best solution to easily upload a great number of Postcodes starting from a column of numbers inside a spreadsheet.

With this function, you can combine many numbers and add a delimiter, such as commas, between each value. For further information on the TextJoin Excel function, please also refer to this Microsoft guide.

🔎 Let’s see how to create a line of postal codes in just a few steps!

1. Insert your postal codes in one spreadsheet column

2. Click on one cell and copy this formula:


As you can note, A1:A10 represents the range to consider. Select your cells to specify the range that you want to consider.

3. Press enter to automatically get all the values separated by commas, without spaces!

4. Now you just need to copy the formula result and paste the values inside the Shipping Rules sections without having to do it manually!

🔑 Upgrade your plan to Professional to use the Shipping Rules and start saving time when shipping your orders!

Done! 🎉

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