Discover here all you have to know about your ShippyPro Plan subscription and how to automatically renew it! 🔎

ShippyPro subscription

Starting from the basics, by registering a ShippyPro account you'll automatically get access to one month Free Trial to our Fast Growing plan - the first 30 orders are totally free! ✨

📌No credit card is required at the moment of the subscription.

What should I do when my Plan expires / I run out of shipments?

Whenever your Plan will expire and/or you'll run out of shipments, ShippyPro lets you automatically renew your Plan without any further action on your side.


From Admin > Plans section add your payment data by clicking on Manage payment info: this button will open a menu where to add or edit your billing card account.

By not including your payment data you won't no longer be able to access To Ship, Track & Trace, Easy Return and API functionalities when your Plan will be expired;

This way you'll only be charged for your Plan renewal or new shipments purchased.

Can I cancel my Plan subscription at any time?

Both the cancellation and the downgrade of your Plan from Professional to Fast Growing are manageable at every moment, as the automatic renewal is only fulfilled when the Plan is expired.

From Admin > Plans section click on Cancel your Subscription: this button will redirect you to a page that summarizes all your account data, then it will be asked if you'd like to leave a feedback on your cancellation or just to downgrade to Fast Growing if you are a Professional user.

Finally, all your activities on your Plan you'll receive an email that confirms you what just done:

  1. Payment Confirmation;

  2. New Subscription;

  3. Subscription Change;

  4. Subscription Canceled;

  5. Subscription Expired;

  6. Trial Ending;

  7. Credit Card Expired;

  8. Payment Declined;

Would you like to know more about our customized Plans? Don't hesitate to reach our Commercial Department at [email protected] for any info required! ☎️

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