Let's see how you can connect DHL eCommerce Solutions America to ShippyPro in just a few steps. 🔍

In order to connect DHL eCommerce Solutions America, input the following data from Carriers > Connection > DHL eCommerce Solutions America logo:

  • Client ID: your Username

  • Client Secret: your Password

  • Pickup Account Number: you will receive this info after the on-boarding with your DHL eCommerce Solutions sales and customer implementation team

Pick then your choice from the following options:

Distribution Center: select the distribution center where your packages are going to be lodged after the pickup.

📌Requires a valid US distribution Center Code.


DHL Parcel Expedited

DHL Parcel Expedited Max

DHL Parcel Ground

DHL BPM Expedited

DHL BPM Ground

DHL Parcel International Direct

DHL Parcel International Standard

DHL Packet International

DHL Parcel International Direct Priority

DHL Parcel International Direct Standard

And select your Label Type between:



As last step, enable Test Mode if you'd like to use your Test Credentials:

If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

Done! 🎈

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