Connecting BigCommerce to ShippyPro is actually super easy.

Let's see how! 🔍

As for the other marketplaces, first of all, click on Marketplaces from your ShippyPro profile and then on the BigCommerce logo.

Then add your API credentials that you can retrieve by following this official guide from Big Commerce:

Client ID
Client Secret
Auth Token
Store Hash

💡 Store hash is a unique value, found in the base API path that will look like this: In this example, your store hash is: 123456 (of course, the value you will see will be different!)

📌 When you create the Client ID/Secret and Token, you will have to specify which API resources your integration needs access to:

Content: None
Checkout Content: None
Customers: Read-only
Customers Login: None
Information & Settings: Read-only
Marketing: None
Orders: Modify
Orders Transactions: Read-only
Create Payments: None
Get Payment Methods: None
Stored Payments Instruments: None
Products: Read-only
Themes: None
Carts: None
Checkouts: None
Sites & Routes
Channel Settings: None
Channel Listings: None

Click on Update my BigCommerce profile with shipped orders tracking numbers and mark as shipped to update your marketplace with tracking information and mark the order as shipped.

📌 If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

💡 Once you connect the marketplace, all orders in status 11 - Awaiting Fulfillment should be imported.

Done! 🎉

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