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How to manage your Team members on ShippyPro
How to manage your Team members on ShippyPro
Discover how to manage all your ShippyPro accesses in one single place
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ShippyPro Teams allows you to manage all your Team members that have access to your account in a flexible and totally secure way, all in just a few clicks!

Keep reading to discover how it works!

How can I have access to Teams settings? 🔎

From your ShippyPro account, click on your name under Profile and then on My Profile:

Once clicked you'll be able to display the related tab: Teams.

Let's take a deeper look at it!

Teams 👥

By entering Teams main tab you have a generic overview of all your teammates.

Adding a new member to the Team is a matter of seconds.

Click on Create a new team and add then your teammate details:

First Name

Last Name


Need to change or cancel teammates' info? ✏️

Just click on the three dots on the right of the teammate to apply your edits:

You can update the Name and Last name, but not the email address linked to that user.

If you'd like to also update the teammates email, please proceed to add a new teammate account.

📌 Kindly note that, if you already have a ShippyPro account, your access will be automatically marked as Admin, all the other teammates added won't be allowed to invite or delete other members.

📌 Please note that it is still not possible to choose the option of sending email updates to all added teammates.

Team Roles 🔒

You can now assign a teammate role by clicking on the + icon, pick one predefined role among the ones already included:

Label Creator

Track & Trace

Easy Return

Live Checkout

Marketplace Connections

Carrier Connections


Basic (automatically set, allows you to access to Choose profile and Dashboard sections)

...or set a new custom role clicking on or create a custom role.

All you'll have to do is to choose a Name and a Description for it and set the Page Permissions:

Once done simply click on Confirm, your Team member will receive an email that will address them to ShippyPro registration page or to access their account if already registered.

You'll be able to display the current status for each Team member (last login or invitation pending).

Click on Your Custom Roles to take a look and edit your users' data:

📌 Please note that this feature is available only with the Professional Plan


❓ I sent an invitation to my team member, but they're requested to create a new ShippyPro account. They already have an active account.

In this case, the procedure is the following:

  • The Admin sends the invitation (it lasts for 1 day, after that it has to be re-sent using the “'…' menu > Re-send invitation” menu item

  • The teammate needs to be logged in the website already!

  • The teammate clicks on the email link

  • The teammate is taken to the ‘Enter team’ page

  • The teammate clicks on the final button to enter the team

❓ Is this functionality available for all plans?

No, it is only available with the Professional plan.

Done! You're now ready to manage all your ShippyPro Team members and Team roles more easily than ever, so to take your shipping experience one step further! 🚀

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