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How to add tracking number to your WooCommerce shipments
How to add tracking number to your WooCommerce shipments
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Would you like to add tracking number to your WooCommerce shipments but you don't know how to do it?

No problem! You have 2 options.


Flag in the WooCommerce connection from the Marketplace page the following two boxes:

"Update my WooCommerce ..." updates the order status as "shipped".

"Send Tracking Notes" sends the tracking code within the "notes" field in the order details. You can also decide whether to make the note private or shared with the merchant, and then public.


  1. Configure a “webhook” in ShippyPro that will call a specific endpoint in your Woocommerce environment for each shipment (events “order_shipped” and “tracking_update”).

  2. Once the webhook is configured in ShippyPro as explained above, you need to install this plugin for WordPress called "Code Snippets" on your site (assuming you're running WooCommerce on WordPress)

  3. Once the plugin has been installed and it is activated, you will have a new sidebar menu item displayed:

  4. You should then click on “Add new” and copy and paste the PHP code linked > here.

  5. Once saved, this code will open a “listening endpoint” on your site which will listen for any request coming in from ShippyPro’s webhook you have configured earlier.

  6. All the events of type ORDER_SHIPPED and TRACKING_UPDATE coming in (as in from ShippyPro's webhook to will be saved to your local database and associated to the corresponding WooCommerce orders. They will be visible on the order detail page on WooCommerce.

📌 Having a developer may be useful but it’s not mandatory, as the flow does not require any coding skills 😎

📌 It's important that your site's response to our webhook complies with the indications given here, you will decide the content of the response.

Done! 🎈

Now you'll be able to display your shipments' tracking number inside your WooCommerce account.

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