Have you correctly connected DHL Express but you're facing some issue during label creation? 🔍

Here's how you can fix them case by case:

📌 Error returned from DHL webservice : SV012a : The system could not verify your shipping account number. Please correct this number and resubmit.For assistance call DHL customer services

In this case you should directly get in touch with DHL to better understand the origin of the issue

📌 No rates found

If you are receiving the "no rates found" error for your shipments, check:

- If the credentials employed are valid

- Delete any possible space in credentials

- Choose "All Services" under Product Code from Carriers > Connection > Edit

📌 Error 400 during shipment creation step (in Excluded carriers section):

Try to flag the Test mode from Carriers > Connection > MyDHL > Edit.

If in test mode the connection is working and you can see the carrier rates, it means their credentials are not enabled in Production environment.

Please check the settings from your DHL Developer profile - MYDHL API > App Name and verify if you have enabled the Production environment (see the screenshot).

Done! 🎉

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