Have you correctly connected DHL Express but you're facing some issue during label creation? 🔍

Here's how you can fix them case by case:

📌 "Element type “ODDLinkReq” must be declared"

This error means that On demand delivery option has been enabled but due to your contract type or delivery destination it can't be applied.

In this case you can disable the option from Carriers > Connection > Edit and try again.

📌 152 : Dutiable segment Declared Amount Conditional Required Error

In this case Total Sales must be higher than zero or the selected Shipping Service is not the right one for destination Country.

Have you selected EXPRESS WORLDWIDE NONDOC from Carriers > Connection > Edit? Try with EXPRESS WORLDWIDE EU, ECONOMY SELECT EU if shipment is EU > EU.

📌 Error returned from DHL webservice : SV012a : The system could not verify your shipping account number. Please correct this number and resubmit.For assistance call DHL customer services

In this case you should directly get in touch with DHL to better understand the origin of the issue

📌 No rates found

If you are receiving the "no rates found" error for your shipments, check:

- If the credentials employed are valid

- Delete any possible space in credentials

- Choose "All Services" under Service Type from Carriers > Connection > Edit

Done! 🎉

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