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Why my WooCommerce orders are not updated on the Marketplace?
Why my WooCommerce orders are not updated on the Marketplace?
Updated over a week ago

It may happen that your order won't be updated directly on your marketplace, the reason for this is actually super simple! 🙌

In case the hourglass over the marketplace keeps remaining, verify the following steps:

  1. Access to the left panel of WooCommerce Dashboard and click on WooCommerce > Settings.

  2. Click on API tab.

  3. Click on Keys/Apps and then click on the existing API Key.

  4. Set the permissions to "Read/Write" and save.

Then try to update the orders again from Shipping Labels section clicking on Action > Update Marketplaces with shipments info:

📌 If you have webhooks configurated on ShippyPro, make sure that theys are abilitated from Integrations > API > Webhooks.

  • For example, for tracking webhooks, order.updated webhook needs to be active.

    📌 In case you are receiving error message ''The HTTP code is 405 Method Not Allowed'' please verify:

    - the permissions for the API, it needs to have Read and Write Permissions
    - check if you have updated a security plugin that may be blocking the PUT API call
    - We suggest you to investigate further with your technicians.

Done! 🎈

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