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How to ship to UK with GLS Spain
How to ship to UK with GLS Spain
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Do you ship with GLS Spain and you're still not aware about the best practices to ship to UK after Brexit?

You're in the right place! Keep reading to discover all the required steps to ship to UK without further ado. 🚀

  • All exports must contains VAT Number, required by the UK Tax Agency, which needs be processed on your WEB (currently there is a response time of 4-6 weeks).

  • All exports must contains EORIs from both the exporter and the importer / buyer.

  • All invoices must have no VAT.

  • Remember to specify the INCOTERM for all your shipments, which in case of a shipment with a value lower than 135GBP, should be INCOTERM 18.

📌 For shipments with a greater value decide the INCOTERM to apply and add it to the invoice.

  • Ask GLS the authorization for customs clearance.

📌 Currently food is not allowed (neither perishable nor non-perishable).

For more information, please contact your GLS commercial.


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