Here all the steps required to connect your Unifaun account to ShippyPro! 🔎

To connect Unifaun you should ask to Unifaun the API Credentials and then add your Username, Password and Profile Group from Carriers > Connection > Unifaun Logo.

Select then your service between:

DB SCHENKERparcel Ombud

Bring Business Parcel

PostNord MyPack Home

PostNord MyPack Collect

PostNord Parcel

PostNord Return Drop Off
Early Bird Postladepaket

📌 If you'd like to ship to a PostNord DropOff point, create a normal shipment as usual: the sender will be switched to receiver from the service and viceversa

And add your Routing Code by selecting it from the drop down menu:

You'll also be able to tick the Label Type you prefer:

Two A5 labels on A4
Two STE labels on A4
107x251 Thermo
107x190 Thermo
107x72 Thermo
107x165 Thermo
107x251 ZPL
107x190 ZPL
107x72 ZPL
107x165 ZPL

As well a Notification method, if you'd like to apply it, between:

Email Notification
SMS Notification

If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

📌 Are you facing Error Generating Labels while trying to ship your first labels with Unifaun?

If you go to Maintenance > API keys > Search > Click on the pencil (Edit) from your Unifaun Account, there you'll find your your API key.

By accessing to you'll be able to see:

API Username
API Password

Done! 🎈

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