Discover here how to connect your Swiss Post contract to ShippyPro 🔎

As a first step, contact your SwissPost advisor to determine which products you can use on which franking license.

Once received confirmation, you should ask for API activation and order your licenses and products to add inside ShippyPro connection menu from Carriers > Connection > Click on SwissPost logo.

📌 Note: ShippyPro will use Swiss Post Webservice (SOAP) barcode.

📌 Once you proceed to activate API for your SwissPost you'll be able to ship both parcels and letters with the one single activation.

Besides your credentials, you'll also see some further options, let's take a look at them!

  • Username: usually, it's in the following format: TUW00NNNN

  • Service: select from here the service you'll use for the connection, you can choose between

PostPac International Priority

PostPac International Economy

These two are auto-production services, therefore there's no need for credentials, however you should ask validation of labels to your SwissPost account manager before using them.

PostPac Priority
PostPac Economy

PostPac Priority GAS > Return service

PostPac Economy GAS > Return service

Registered Domestic

Registered International Priority

A Mail

A Mail Plus

  • Sender Address: once added your address from My Addresses section you can select it through this drop down menu.

  • Label Type gives you the possibility you to choose the correct label format for your printer, you can either choose between:



  • Test Mode lets you make some test shipments.

If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

Trying to make some return shipments? 📦

In order to create some return shipments with SwissPost, add a new connection by selecting one of the two services between:

PostPac Priority GAS

PostPac Economy GAS

Done! 🎉

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