SwissPost and SwissPost International are two separate complementary solutions that allow you to ship domestically and globally respectively.

Discover here how to connect SwissPost and SwissPost International to ShippyPro and start taking advantage of this cutting edge modern service. ✨


1. Before you start

To begin using SwissPost or SwissPost International contact your sales advisor and discuss with them which products you can use on which franking license. Your sales advisor will provide you with your Username (format: TUW00NNNN) and Password (for SwissPost) or Client ID and Client Secret (for SwissPost International), and Franking License. Once you have received these credentials make sure you have requested your API activation and have included all the products that interest you inside your contract.

2. Connect SwissPost to ShippyPro

  • Click on Carriers > Connection and click on the SwissPost Logo.

  • Insert your Username (format: TUW00NNNN) and Password.

  • Insert your Franking License number previously obtained from your sales advisor.

  • Remember that ShippyPro will use Swiss Post Webservice (SOAP) barcode.

  • Once you proceed to activate API for your SwissPost you'll be able to ship both parcels and letters with one single activation.

  • You can now select the Service which you can find in your contract.

PostPac Priority

PostPac Economy

PostPac Priority GAS > Return service

PostPac Economy GAS > Return service

Registered Domestic

Registered Priority

A Mail

A Mail Plus


  • Sender Address: once added your address from My Addresses section you can select it through this drop-down menu.

  • Label Type gives you the possibility to choose the correct label format for your printer, you can either choose between PDF and ZPL.

  • If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognise the connection among all the others.

📍For International Services in the configuration, the label will be self produces, and not sent by the carrier's endpoint

3. Connect SwissPost International

To connect SwissPost International you need to have a different contract and you will have to create a second connection so that you can take advantage of the global coverage that is offered by the service.

  • Click on Carriers > Connections and select the SwissPost International logo

  • Insert your Client ID and Client Secret (both with format: 33 alphanumerical digits)

  • Insert your Franking License number previously obtained from your sales advisor.

  • Indicate if you wish to Ship as Pallets, this will allow you to ship bigger volumes and not only parcels and letters.

  • Select the Service you are contracted for and get ready to ship.

PostPac International Priority

PostPac International Economy

4. Additional options

🔁 Return Label

If you want to set up your return shipments and create return labels you will have to include the PostPac Priority GAS and the PostPac Economy GAS services (not available for SwissPost International). For each service, you will have to create a new connection.

🧪 Test Mode

To exploit this feature for both SwissPost and SwissPost International, ask your sales advisor for test credentials and use them to create a new connection. Once the connection has been established you'll be able to test the platform and the shipments without data ever getting to the carrier.

✍🏻 Custom Label

If you want, you can also enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

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