As you may already know, ShippyPro offers different features starting from the Basic Plan, why should I upgrade to an Annual Plan then?

You can find below a list of the exclusive features dedicated to our Annual Plans:

Super advantageous Discounts πŸ”‘

Get access to our dedicated Discounts, by choosing one of our Plans you'll automatically get 12% off on every Annual.

If that's not enough for you, in case of active promos don't hesitate to contact our Sales Team to know more. πŸ™Œ

Take a look at our Plans and Pricing page here for more info about ✨

Change Sender Address automatically ✏️

In case you have different addresses, you'll be able to change your Sender Address in a glimpse.

How? Take a look at our guide below for further details!

Remove ShippyPro logo πŸ”§

If you'd like to cancel our logo from your documents (for example Invoices and Order Summaries), as well as from your email notifications, with an Annual plan you'd just have to contact us on our Live Chat or at [email protected] βœ‰οΈ asking us to proceed.

Avoid to print 4 copies for FedEx labels πŸ“„

Avoid loading ETD Shipping Documents before Europe to Europe Shipments, all you have to do is to contact us in Chat πŸ’¬ once Upgraded your Plan.

Add more than one Webhook πŸ”—

You can add more than one Webhook on ShippyPro with every Annual Plan Subscription.

Contact us on our Live Chat πŸ’¬ for technical details, we'll be happy to help you!

Odoo connection πŸ›’

In order to proceed with the connection to your Odoo account you'd need an Annual Plan subscription as it will require the support of our IT team.

For additional info on the connection don't hesitate to take a look at our guide:

Ship all your orders at once πŸš€

ShippyPro gives you the possibility to avoid the repetitive procedure of creating your shipments and ship all of your orders in just few clicks!

Once upgraded your Plan ask for the activation of Ship All on our Live Chat πŸ’¬ and follow our instructions here to start.

Import HS Codes automatically from Shopify πŸ“₯

ShippyPro can automatically import the HS Code from Shopify with every Annual plan subscription, so that you don't have to include it every time.

Open a chat with us by clicking on the chat logo on the right bottom of the platform to ask for HS code automatic import from Shopify.

Merge all orders πŸ“Ž

With a Free Basic plan you'll be able to merge up to 2 orders at a time for free, with our Annual Professional plan instead, it's possible to merge all of your orders.

Create Order Summary / Invoices / Picking Lists with Barcode πŸ–¨

By including a barcode to your Order Summaries, Invoices and/or Picking Lists and you'll be able to fasten your logistic process even more!

If you decide that this feature suits your needs, upgrade to an Annual Plan.

Import Origin Country from Shopify πŸ—Ί

In order to fasten your International Shipments process, automatically import Origin Country from Shopify could come in handy.

Discover here all the steps required to ship abroad.

πŸ”‘ Upgrade your plan to Annual now to start taking advantage of our exclusive Annual Plan Features!

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