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Why my To Ship page is so slow or tends to crash?
Why my To Ship page is so slow or tends to crash?
Updated over a week ago

If your To Ship page is currently running slow or it tends to crash or freeze, here are some possible solutions that may help you make your To Ship section faster than ever. 🚀

Let's start!

Archive your orders 🗄

If in To Ship page are collected too many orders from the past months (or even years), we suggest you to archive those orders which won't be shipped anymore in order to lighten the weight of the page.

Take a look here to discover how to archive orders:

Hide items images 🔎

Another way to proceed would be to hide products images, which inevitably slow down the page load.

Disable Show article's details with images in the To ship page from My Profile > Preferences to set it.

For more info, don't hesitate to look at our dedicated help page:

Update your orders as Completed ✅

Try to set orders as Completed directly on the Marketplace, so that cancelling them from To Ship page they won't be imported again.

📌 In addition, here are some possible reasons why your To Ship page might unexpectedly crash or freeze 👇🏻

Usually, the issues come out when your PC runs out of memory for the running applications.
For example, some browsers such as Google Chrome consume more memory, and it tends to get worse when several tabs are simultaneously open in the browser.

In case your page keeps getting unresponsive, you can:

  • monitor the RAM usage from the Windows Task manager: CTRL-ALT-CANC → Task Manager → Processes tab → RAM Usage, and check the situation while on that page

  • try to run the browser with fewer tabs opened

  • try on another PC and check if the same problem occurs

You can also follow these useful tips as well 💡

  • update the browser to the latest version

  • disable browser extensions you don't use

  • frequently clear cache

  • check for other applications that can affect memory usage and make sure to close them

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