If you already tried to make our Shipping API call and you saw "Status": "1" or "Status": "2" in the response, here is what they mean!

  • "Status": "1" means that the call gave a positive response, therefore the label is correctly generated.

  • "Status": "2" indicates instead that the call was sent out, but the response was negative, meaning the shipping label wasn't created. You'll be able to see an error message at the bottom of the response or through the View API Errors button in Integration > API.

You can check if the error faced is already present in our dedicated Errors section on the Help Center:

Or, in case you still can't find a solution to your issue, contact us 💬 either via chat or form request from your Support Panel by clicking on the black HELP button in the lower right corner of your account.

We will be happy to help you!

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