If you have ever happen to display QZ Tray Invalid Signature error message on your shipment try to follow these simple steps! 🔎

  • As a first thing, verify if your Antivirus is active, if so, disable it to proceed with the set up.

  • Check also if your Carriers have printer options set on ZPL / Zebra.

  • Then Uninstall and Install QZ Tray again by clicking on Print > Print on Zebra

For more information about ZPL printing take a look at the guide below:

If nothing above seems to work, try to also:

  • Clear your browser cache multiple times

  • Access from Google Chrome incognito mode

  • Delete QZ Tray and install it again, if Chrome still doesn't work, try running it on Firefox

  • Try to use Printnode instead

🔎 Do you need further help?

💬 Open a chat with us by clicking on the chat logo on the right bottom of this page or write an email to [email protected]

And you're done! 🎈

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