If it ever happens that you see QZ Tray Invalid Signature error message on your screen, try to follow these simple steps! 🔎

  • As a first thing, verify if your Antivirus is active, if so, disable it to proceed with the set up.

  • Check also if your Carriers have printer options set on ZPL / Zebra.

  • Then Uninstall and Install QZ Tray again by clicking on Print > Print on Zebra

For more information about ZPL printing take a look at the guide below:

If nothing above seems to work, try to also:

  • Clear your browser cache multiple times

  • Access from Google Chrome incognito mode

  • Delete QZ Tray and install it again, if Chrome still doesn't work, try running it on Firefox

  • Try to use Printnode instead

🔎 Do you need further help?

💬 Contact us either via chat or form request from your Support Panel by clicking on the black HELP button in the lower right corner of your account. We'll be happy to check it out!

And you're done! 🎈

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