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What can I do if my labels are not generated?
What can I do if my labels are not generated?
Updated over a week ago

It may happen that suddenly your labels are no longer generated, for example showing Error Generating Labels or

To check: Validation failed. xx/xx/20xx is not a working day message.

Please note that labels displayed on ShippyPro are directly generated by the Carrier, therefore in case of issues consider that they're most probable to be linked to a Carrier's server malfunction or invalid credentials.

As a first thing, we suggest you to verify if the issue you're facing is present in our Errors Section of the Help Center.

If not, wait a few minutes and try again by clicking on Fix Order and confirming.

In case both not seem the case, don't hesitate to contact us 💬, we'll be happy to help and check together with the Carrier your error report.

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