Connecting Buy Shipping Amazon Prime Seller can't be easier than that. ✨

⚠️ In order to keep shipping your orders with AMF or FBA due to the new Amazon API release, you should disconnect your Amazon Merchant Fulfillment connection from Carriers > Connection and connect Amazon Merchant Fulfillment v2 using your own Amazon credentials

Let's see how!

Once connected your Amazon EU Marketplace you'll only need to click on Amazon Merchant Fulfillment v2 logo from Carriers > Connection:

and add there your Seller ID, your AWS Auth Token, Account Region, Sender Address:

💡 Remember to accept Carriers Terms&Conditions inside your Amazon account before proceeding!

Select then your Delivery Type 📝:

📌 Amazon generally suggest to employ the first service in the list, Delivery confirmation without signature

Select Carrier will pickup option to automatically book a pickup for your shipments.

How can I find Seller ID and AWS Auth Token data? 🔎

Open a new browser tab and access to Marketplace section, click then on Edit on the right of your Amazon connection:

You'll then see your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token, copy and paste them on your Amazon Merchant Fulfillment connection menu. Select then the Account Region and add your Sender Address.

Once included the credentials required you can also choose whether to apply PDF or ZPL print format for your labels.

📌 If you want, enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

Here's how it should look like when the connection has been correctly established! ✨

👉 At this point, click on this link to authorize the first option that you'll display, as well as the Carrier employed.

Also remember to add your addresses, as well as your Company name (which shouldn't exceed 30 characters limit), in My Addresses page. More info about here.

Please note that even email address field will be checked, for this reason in case of issues during Carrier selection check that it has been fulfilled correctly.

By entering To Ship section and trying to ship a new order you should be now able to see Carrier's rates.

Here some useful tips:

📌 In case rates doesn't show up, try to disable Carrier will pickup if selected:

Kindly note that Amazon Merchant Fulfillment is available both for your Amazon Prime and Standard orders.

  • For multi parcel shipments you need to create the second shipment directly from the Seller Central, by purchasing a new shipment.

  • Track & Trace feature is not available for this Carrier since orders are directly coming from Amazon and does not pass through ShippyPro.

  • Amazon AMF is currently available for island or remote areas but the use of Buy Shipping service is not mandatory.

    On the contrary, AMF is not available for international shipments.

  • In case of parcels indicating Filiale Destino 333 it means that TNT Depot will have to apply a Routing correction. You'll be able to handle your parcels to the Carrier without issues since the Carrier will directly apply this edit.

  • Please note that every edit on the labels can only be applied on Sender Info from the Seller Central.

  • Please keep into consideration that by including wrong credentials for Amazon Marketplace connection it will also affect AMF functioning.

    In case of issues, verify that Amazon Seller Central data included are correct both for AMF and Amazon Marketplace.

  • In case you can't display Carrier's rates or you display it as Carrier Excluded try to create the same shipment inside Amazon Seller Central.

What if I get one of the following errors?

🔎 This shipment already exists. You can process AMF shipments only once. Edits are not allowed

In this case, check that the label has been created from the order's details on Amazon Seller Central.

🔎AMFv2: SEUR 24 - This rate is rejected: CARRIER_WILL_NOT_PICKUP, En el método de envío seleccionado, el transportista no presta el servicio de recogida. Por lo tanto, entrega los paquetes al transportista o elige otro método de envío.

The carrier doesn’t offer automatic pickup booking. In this case, make sure to unflag the option “Carrier will pickup“ in your AMF module ❌, from Carriers > Connection > AMFv2 > Edit:

Done! 🎈

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