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Connect Amazon Merchant Fulfillment to ShippyPro
Connect Amazon Merchant Fulfillment to ShippyPro

Discover how to connect Amazon Merchant Fulfillment in just few steps!

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Amazon AMF (Fulfilled by Merchant) is a fulfillment method in which the seller takes full responsibility for storing inventory and shipping orders.

⚠️ In order to keep shipping your orders with AMF or FBA due to the new Amazon API release, you should disconnect your Amazon Merchant Fulfillment connection from Carriers > Connection and connect Amazon Merchant Fulfillment v2 using your own Amazon credentials.

In this article, you will learn how to connect Amazon Merchant Fulfillment v2 to ShippyPro and add additional options such as a Carrier pickup and test mode to your existing connection. ✨


1. Before you start

Before connecting your Amazon Merchant fulfillment account to ShippyPro you'll need to connect your Amazon EU Marketplace profile first. If you haven't yet, discover here how to do it.

2. Connect Amazon Merchant Fulfillment to ShippyPro

Now that everything is correctly set up, you're ready to connect Buy Shipping Amazon Prime Seller to ShippyPro.

  • Navigate to Carriers > Connection and click on Amazon Merchant Fulfillment v2 logo (simply type "Amazon Merchant Fulfillment v2" on the search bar to spot it in a sec).

  • Add there your Seller Central Region, Seller Central Country and Delivery Type.

  • Click on Connect my account Amazon Merchant Fulfillment, you'll be redirected to Amazon login page where you can add your Amazon credentials.

💡 Remember to accept Carriers Terms&Conditions inside your Amazon account before proceeding!

Label Type



Delivery Type

Adult Signature Confirmation

Signature Required

Delivery Confirmation Without Signature

No Tracking

3. Additional Options

🚚 Carrier will pickup

Select Carrier will pickup option to automatically book a pickup for your shipments.

4. Errors & troubleshooting

  • This shipment already exists. You can process AMF shipments only once. Edits are not allowed

    In this case, check that the label has been created from the order's details on Amazon Seller Central.

  • Error: AMF only supports Amazon Orders
    This means that the order number passed to Amazon’s system does not respect Amazon’s nomenclature standard: if the order has been created with one of our API calls, please make sure that the field TransactionID is populated with the correct Amazon’s order number, otherwise please get in touch with our Support team.

  • AMFv2: SEUR 24 - This rate is rejected: CARRIER_WILL_NOT_PICKUP, En el método de envío seleccionado, el transportista no presta el servicio de recogida. Por lo tanto, entrega los paquetes al transportista o elige otro método de envío: The carrier doesn’t offer automatic pickup booking. In this case, make sure to unflag the option “Carrier will pickup“ in your AMF module ❌, from Carriers > Connection > AMFv2 > Edit.

  • Unable to create the label using the requested format: It means that the rate you chose supports either ZPL or PDF. Change the label format in the section Carrier > Connection > Edit AMF and fix the order. If you want to print PDF instead of ZPL you can click on Print ZPL in PDF from the Shipping labels section.

  • To check: 28585984-95d3-4bdd-a414-eb16663a502b (or similar)

    The AMF rate has expired. Please bring back the order in the To Ship section by clicking on the blue arrow and ship it again, or re-do the Ship call if you're shipping via APIs.

  • The shipping offer ID has expired. Please make a new call to GetEligibleShippingServices to get a new ID.
    This error is returned by the carrier when too much time has past between the GetRates request and the creation of the order with through the Ship request. The orders needs to be created right after obtaining the tariffs.

  • You exceeded your quota for the requested resource

    The number of calls that can be made per second is limited.

    For this reason, when this limit is exceeded, the API returns the error given above. You can manually retry the label generation with "Fix Order".

    💡 Here some useful tips:

    • Kindly note that Amazon Merchant Fulfillment is available both for your Amazon Prime and Standard orders. Make sure you have Amazon marketplace connected to ShippyPro in order to get rates correctly.
      Orders from Amazon must not be imported via third party marketplaces.

    • For multi parcel shipments you need to create the second shipment directly from the Seller Central, by purchasing a new shipment.

    • Track & Trace feature is not available for this Carrier since orders are directly coming from Amazon and does not pass through ShippyPro.

    • Amazon AMF is currently available for island or remote areas but the use of Buy Shipping service is not mandatory.

      On the contrary, AMF is not available for international shipments.

    • In case of parcels indicating Filiale Destino 333 it means that TNT Depot will have to apply a Routing correction. You'll be able to handle your parcels to the Carrier without issues since the Carrier will directly apply this edit.

    • Please note that every edit on the labels can only be applied on Sender Info from the Seller Central.

    • Please keep into consideration that by including wrong credentials for Amazon Marketplace connection it will also affect AMF functioning.

      In case of issues, verify that Amazon Seller Central data included are correct both for AMF and Amazon Marketplace.

    • In case you can't display Carrier's rates or you display it as Carrier Excluded try to create the same shipment inside Amazon Seller Central.

    • AMF applies a limit to the number of calls made to obtain the rates for a specific shipment. For this reason, if you ship many orders with this carrier, you might need to repeat the shipment creation for part of the orders.

    • In case rates doesn't show up, try to disable Carrier will pickup if selected

    • All the rates are Vat excluded.

    • In case you are getting error "The request has an invalid grant parameter : refresh_token. User may have revoked or didn't grant the permission", it means that the Amazon Auth Token has expired - In this case you can correct the issue by deleting your current connection and creating a new one with the same credentials. In case it is not yet expired you can extend its validity by going in your Seller Central profile, then in the "Manage your Apps" section and click on the link that says "Extend validity".

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