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Connect DHL Parcel / DHL Paket to ShippyPro
Connect DHL Parcel / DHL Paket to ShippyPro

Discover here how to connect DHL Parcel in just few steps

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DHL Parcel is one of the leaders in Europe shipments.

In this article, you will learn how to connect DHL to ShippyPro and add additional options such as a return label in the box or paperless trade to your existing connection. ✨


1. Before you start

In order to connect it you need to ask DHL Parcel Sales Person the DHL Parcel Portal Data requested in Carriers > Connection > Click on DHL Parcel Logo.

2. Connect DHL Parcel to ShippyPro

Now that everything is correctly set up in DHL Parcel, you’re ready to connect it to ShippyPro.

  • Navigate to Carriers > Connection and click on DHL Parcel Logo (simply type "DHL Parcel" on the search bar to spot it in a sec).

  • Enter your Account Number, Username and Password (Account number must be a 14 digit value)

  • Include your Return Account number to create Return Labels and also Bank Data to create COD shipments (you only need to do that in case you're interested in using these features). In case you don't need to add those info, simply write -

📌 It is only possible to generate the Return Label as a Return Label in the Box option, so it will not be possible to generate return labels separately from forward labels.

  • Pick your label type and your Service. If you'd like to add multiple services, you'll need to create a new connection for each one.

  • Select your Sender Address from the drop down menu, if you haven't included it yet check our dedicated Help guide.

  • Once enabled by your Carrier Person, add your Return Credentials as well as the Return Service for your shipments.

  • Decide if enable Use marketplace order number to generate tracking URL: with this checkbox enabled, the tracking URL will recall all the shipments with the same marketplace order number (TransactionID). Hence, if you create several expeditions with the same transaction ID, all these shipments can be tracked with a unique URL. You can use this method to simulate multiparcel shipments

📌 Note: In order to ship orders to a Packstation with DHL Express, you need to set the address as follows:

Street Line 1: " Packstation " + number
Street Line 2: Postnummer

📌 DHL Parcel doesn't support Address 2, therefore civic number needs to be added in Address 1 field.

To enable Tracking ask your DHL Person to activate Tracking API credentials.

Label Format

Use profile default label format

A4 (only for PDF)

105 x 205 mm

105 x 205 mm without additional barcode

105 x 148 mm

105 x 148 mm without additional barcode

105 x 208 mm

103 x 199 mm

103 x 150 mm

100x70mm (only for Warenpost)


Paket International

Paket DE



Paket Connect

Waren Post International

Paket Connect / Parcel Connect V55PAK - German Sender + European Destination
WarenPost V62WP - Domestic Shipments

3. Additional Options

🌎 International Premium to enable premium service on international shipments.

📦 Filial Routing Service: will send a notification in case it is impossible (due to incorrect address) to deliver the parcel. Using this option you will be able to edit it and therefore deliver the order. Without this service, the package will not be delivered and it will be automatically returned to the sender.

As a general guideline, please keep in mind that the service linked to your shipment must match the Country of destination as indicated below:

Paket DE = DE > DE

Europaket = DE > EU

Paket International = DE > Extra UE

🔁 Print return labels

You can print your return labels with the shipping label by ticking Print Return Label

🧪 Test Mode

Enable the Test Mode if you'd like to make some test shipments. Please keep in mind that this option should be flagged only if you have test credentials, not production credentials!

4. Useful to know

  • In case you get the following error message:

"statusCode": 118,
"statusText": "Invalid GKP username and\/or password."

you can directly inform your DHL person about that, they'll show you how to change your DHL account access data.

📌 Verify together with the Carrier whether your Account Number is authorized to ship to Germany or other European countries other than Germany.

  • Do you get DHL Parcel - error: Der angegebene service ist nicht bekannt?

    • In this case turn off the Print return label option inside Carrier's module.
      It is very likely that there is a misconfiguration in the DHL account, i.e. the return has not been activated by DHL.
      Contact your DHL Sales Person and ask to check and correct the settings in your DHL account.

  • Do you get "Cannot book pickup" error when trying to schedule a pickup with DHL Parcel?

    • Please note that the pickups are valid only for Germany and only with production credentials (test credentials won't be accepted)

  • You can set up 10x15 cm label format directly from DHL Parcel Portal at this link.

📌 Note: in case you want to create a return shipment with DHL Parcel using our APIs, the field “IsReturn” : True will not revert sender and receiver’s address, you will simply have to enter the actual sender address in the “from_address” section and the recipient address in the “to_address” section and add the “IsReturn” : True tag.

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