Let's see how you can connect Correos to ShippyPro in just few steps. 🔍

To connect Correos, first ask your Correos Person to activate your API Credentials.

Then add them credentials from Carriers > Connection > Click on Correos Logo and include the Goods code for international shipments the Description of your products, you'll find a reference table at this link by clicking on Anexos, under the first and the second option shown.

Where can I find my Customer Code? 🔎

You can find this information included in your contract, or you can request it directly to your Account Manager.

Here a list of all the services available for Correos:

AQ 72 - Home Delivery | S0132
PAQ 72 - Postal Office Delivery | S0133
PAQ 48 - Home Delivery | S0235
PAQ 48 - Postal Office Delivery | S0236
International Priority Parcel | S0410
International Express Parcel | S0411
International Economy Parcel | S0031
International Light Parcel | S0360
Outbound and Reverse Logistics Parcel | S0135
Reverse Logistics Parcel | S0148

You'll also be able to select print format for your labels between PDF and ZPL:

If you want, enter a Custom Label to recognize the connection among all the others.

Done! 🎈

📌 What can I do if I face El envío no se ha registrado. La oficina de destino no es válida?

In this case you can proceed to create again a new shipment for the order.

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