Add customs declaration to your International Shipments via API is extremely simple, let's see how!  🙌

First, have you already taken a look at our API Documentation? If not, find it below.

Once learnt how to use our Shipping API Everything you'll have to do is to add the following tag inside the Params field in the Ship request.












Do you need some extra details about these fields?

"Description" is product's description.
"Weight" is referring to one single item's weight (Weight per item must be equal to Weight in Parcels),
"Quantity" is the quantity for this item that you are shipping into the parcel , if you have different product then click on the + to add a row.
"UnitValue" is the valor for a single item, "UnitValue" X"Quantity" should be equal to "TotalValue".
"OriginCountry" is the manufacturing country.
"Currency" is referring to the currency of "UnitValue", it should be equal to "Currency" of "TotatValue".
"HSCode" is the Harmonized Code referring to the specific product that you're shipping , check here what's your HScode.

To automatically retrieve the HS Code via API we provide a specific API Call called GetHSCode API, talk to our Experts to know more about and take your business to a next level! 💪

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