Are you wondering how your tracking E-mails language will be sorted? 🔎

ShippyPro assigns languages to the E-mails according to the Country of origin of the customer, this latter based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Code.

You'll find the language associated to each code as following:

  • "IT" "VA" "SM" = Italian
  • “FR”, “DZ”, “BE”, “GF”, “LU”, “MA”, “MQ”, “PF”, “RE”, “PM”, “VC”, “TN”, “CD”, “MG”, “CM”, “CI”, “NE”, “BF”, “ML”, “SN”, “TD”, “GN”, “RW”, “BI”, “BJ”, “HT”, “CH”, “TG”, “CF”, “CG”, “GA”, “DJ”, “KM”, “SC”, “MC”, “NC”, “JE”, “MF”, “WF”, “BL”, “GP” = French
  • “BR”, “CV”, “GW”, “MO”, “PT” = Portuguese
  • “ES”, “MX”, “CO”, “AR”, “PE”, “VE”, “CL”, “EC”, “GT”, “CU”, “BO”, “DO”, “HN”, “PY”, “SV”, “NI”, “CR”, “PR”, “PA”, “UY”, “GQ”, “IC” = Spanish
  • “AT”, DE”, “CH” = German
  • “PL” = Polish
  • “NL” = Dutch

This way E-mails sent to each of the Country mentioned will automatically apply its predefined language!

Easy, isn't it? 🎈

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