Are you wondering how your tracking E-mails language will be sorted? πŸ”Ž

ShippyPro assigns languages the E-mails according to the Country of origin of the customer, this latter based on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Code.

You'll find the language associated to each code as following:

  • "IT" "VA" "SM" = Italian
  • β€œFR”, β€œDZ”, β€œBE”, β€œGF”, β€œLU”, β€œMA”, β€œMQ”, β€œPF”, β€œRE”, β€œPM”, β€œVC”, β€œTN”, β€œCD”, β€œMG”, β€œCM”, β€œCI”, β€œNE”, β€œBF”, β€œML”, β€œSN”, β€œTD”, β€œGN”, β€œRW”, β€œBI”, β€œBJ”, β€œHT”, β€œCH”, β€œTG”, β€œCF”, β€œCG”, β€œGA”, β€œDJ”, β€œKM”, β€œSC”, β€œMC”, β€œNC”, β€œJE”, β€œMF”, β€œWF”, β€œBL”, β€œGP” = French
  • β€œBR”, β€œCV”, β€œGW”, β€œMO”, β€œPT” = Portuguese
  • β€œES”, β€œMX”, β€œCO”, β€œAR”, β€œPE”, β€œVE”, β€œCL”, β€œEC”, β€œGT”, β€œCU”, β€œBO”, β€œDO”, β€œHN”, β€œPY”, β€œSV”, β€œNI”, β€œCR”, β€œPR”, β€œPA”, β€œUY”, β€œGQ”, β€œIC” = Spanish
  • β€œAT”, DE”, β€œCH” = German
  • β€œPL” = Polish
  • β€œNL” = Dutch

So that E-mails sent to each of the Country mentioned will automatically apply its correct form!

Easy, isn't it? 🎈

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