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How to add Insurance to your Shipments
How to add Insurance to your Shipments
Updated over a week ago

Add an Insurance to your Shipments has never been quicker.

You can easily add it during your Shipment Creation, let's see how! 🔎

Add your shipment's info and reach this step:

You'll see the dedicated Insurance field on the bottom, add there the value to apply.

Then proceed with your shipment creation as usual, your order will present shield icon over the Carrier to recognize it as insured.

If you forgot to add Insurance during Shipment Creation, don't worry! 🙌

You can always include it after the label creation by clicking on the blue pencil icon and writing the value in the Insurance field:

📌 If you are creating your shipment via API, remember that the insurance is per shipment, not per package! The only exception is with UPS shipments, in which case we take the insurance value and divide it by the number of packages.

And you're done! 🎈

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