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How can I retrieve a report of all my shipments history?
How can I retrieve a report of all my shipments history?
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With ShippyPro you have the possibility to create and export an Excel file containing some info concerning your shipments.

Don't you know what we are talking about? Then take a look here!

However, through Excel data export, you'll have a limit of 90 days for your Archived Orders to be retrieved.

In order to go over this limit and also get a more detailed report, ShippyPro has the GetShippedOrders API call.

You can receive more specific info about your entire shipments history, all with a single API call! 🙌

Contact us at [email protected] ✉️, we'll provide you with a quotation for the activation.

Here is a complete list of the data you can retrieve through this API call:

Result (OK/NOK)



Marketplace Platform

Marketplace ID

Is printed

Transaction ID

To address street1

To address street2

To address city

To address state

To address zip

To address country

To address name

To address company

To address phone

To address email

From address street1

From address street2

From address city

From address state

From address zip

From address country

From address name

From address company

From address phone

From address email


Insurance currency


Cashondelivery currency

Cashondelivery type

Label pdf url

Tracking code

Order status

Carrier name

Carrier id

Service name

Shipment cost

Shipment cost currency

Created at

Printed at

Order error message

Total sales

Payment method



User note

Carrier note







Parcels Dimensions

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