If you're facing some issues during Woocommerce connection, there's nothing to panic about! 🙌

Keep reading these simple tips and tricks to start shipping in nothing flat!

Check API Legacy 🔗

Verify that API Legacy has been enabled from WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Legacy API.

📌 Please note that Legacy API option needs to be enabled by an Admin account, speaking of which...

Check if User have Read/Write Permissions ✏️

Verify that the account used for the connection is abilitated with Read/Write Permissions, otherwise you won't be able to correctly connect your Marketplace.

Check the Logs related to ShippyPro connection 📄

For this operation you'll need to ask your technician to carry some checks on the log that concerned your attempts of connection, then he/she should be able to identify the issue.

Whitelist ShippyPro IP 📝

You may also need to whitelist our IP, contact us on our Live Chat 💬, our Support Team will provide it to you.

If you carefully followed the steps above you should be now good to go! 🎈

In case nothing of the above seems to work, ask your technician to get in touch with us at [email protected].

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