The answer is yes!

With ShippyPro you have the possibility to attach a personalized text message to your Labels.

Here how to proceed. 🔎

  • Go to Shipping Labels section and select the order for which you'd like your Customer to be notified.

  • Once selected, click on Actions and then on Send Shipping Labels via Mail (ZIP).

At this point add Email, Subject and Body of the message from the menu that will show up.

  • By adding your Server you'll also be able to customize your Sender Server.

Take a look at Point 4 of the following guide to learn more about Customized SMTP Server.

  • Also, by clicking on Receive email copy the same message will be forwarded to your Email Inbox. 📩

  • The option called Include manifests associated to the orders will allow you to attach the Manifests for the orders selected.

Discover how to set automatic Shipping Notifications, so that you won't have to send them manually never again! 🙌

While here you can find how to personalize Email Templates for your Shipments' Updates.

Easy, isn't it? 🎈

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