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How to print your label together with the Order Summary
How to print your label together with the Order Summary
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Print your label together with your Order Summary has never been quicker! ✨

Try to follow these steps to print them in seconds.

You can proceed in two ways:

From My Profile > Print Preferences you have the possibility to set the consequently print of your Label and the Order Summary.

Shipping Labels

From Shipping Labels section select the order you'd like the Label and the Order Summary to be printed, click on Print Labels first and then on Action > Create Invoice or Order Summary.

Any doubts about Labels Print? Try to take a look here!

With the first method you'll be able to print the two pieces of documentation successively and automatically while the second procedure will allow you to manage them individually.

📌 Please note: this option is only available in A4 format.

Easy, isn't it? 🎈

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