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Why my orders are not updated on Magento?
Why my orders are not updated on Magento?
Updated over a week ago

We perform 3 calls to update Magento marketplace:

  1. Update tracking

  2. Update the status of the order to "Completed"

  3. Add the "Completed" comment

All three calls happen after label generation, independent of the order import.

However, it may happen that your order doesn't get updated on your marketplace, and the reason for this is actually very simple!

In case the hourglass over the marketplace keeps spinning, it will mean that the API call for server's update has failed.

If the green tick appears above your marketplace icon, but tracking hasn't been received yet by the order on Magento, it will also mean that the transmission has encountered some issues.

To check the origin of the issue you can contact your technician to verify Magento logs.

📌 Please note that Magento doesn't support our Track & Trace updates, for this reason they won't be shown on the marketplace.

📌 If you employ third party plugin (such as m2epro) order's data may not be imported or be imported incorrect.

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