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How Return Label Carrier Combination API works
How Return Label Carrier Combination API works

Discover how to create shipping and return labels with different carriers

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With Return Label Carrier Combination API you'll be able to create the return label in the box as well as the shipping label using a different carrier or service.

...everything with one single call for all your Carriers! 🙌

What are the specific features of this API Call? 📌

With the Return Label Carrier Combination API call you'll be able to:

  • Offer your customers a prepaid return label to facilitate the return process and increase your checkout conversion rate.

  • Provide your customers with a label in the box, this way you will differentiate your value proposition from your competitors.

The Return Label Combination first creates an outbound label with one carrier and then immediately a return label with a different carrier. Since they are two separate SHIP calls, if the first one is successful and the second one is not, the first one will still show up but the return tracking will be missing.

Benefits of the Return Label Combination API

This way, you can offer the return label in the box and save on shipping costs by choosing the most convenient Carrier for the return. Here's how with Return Label Combination API:

  • Reduce shipping costs by selecting a standard or economy service for the return and express service for the delivery.

  • Different delivery address for the return: in case of return to the warehouse, store, or PUDO point. Or for international shipments: if you ship from Italy to the UK and the return needs to be delivered to a UK store, for example.

Look how easily you can add it in your request and immediately get the response with the tracking number generated for the return.

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