Ship API call is the best solution for shipping all your orders and generating shipping labels.

Do everything with a single API Call for all your Carriers! 🙌

What are the specific features of this API Call? 📌

With Shipping API you'll be able to:

  • Create your shipping labels in various formats.

  • Get the tracking number and the direct link to the carrier’s tracking site.

But also:

  • Use our Get Rates API before Ship in order to choose the best carrier's rate option for your shipment.

  • Then make a Shipping call to transmit your Custom Documents.

📌Even if CarrierService parameter is mandatory in Ship API, you'd still need to connect your Carrier in the connection modal (1 service = 1 connection) before shipping.

📌 Note: if you usually proceed to the Shipping API skipping the GetRates step, then you'll need to do this one at least one time in order to know the best service to employ.

This action is especially required whenever you change shipment type.

📌 You need to make the Ship API call with the same TransactionID used with the PutOrder API call, then the system will link the right order as well as the items.

📌 Kindly note that the BillAccountNumber field should only be filled in case the Incoterm employed is EXW.

Want to know how to use a Ship API call? Take a look at our API documentation!

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