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Why are my order edits not applied on ShippyPro?
Why are my order edits not applied on ShippyPro?
Updated over a week ago

If you updated your order directly on the marketplace after it was imported in ShippyPro, your edit won't be applied to ShippyPro.

If you need to edit some info you can easily proceed directly on ShippyPro during the creation of the shipment in To Ship section, so that your shipment process can be managed in one place!

In case you already processed the shipment for the order concerned, no problem! 🙌

You can easily edit the shipment with the new data by clicking on the blue pencil icon on its right, this way it will be generated a new label for the order.

📌 N.B.: For Shopify, we DO import the modifications if you modify your order's details (e.g. change delivery details, add/remove items) AFTER the order has been imported into ShippyPro.

You can enable the feature in 2 ways:

  • Flag the option "Import only paid orders" in the Shopify connection

  • Create the Shopify connection EX NOVO deleting the present one and connecting it again.

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