Would you like to know how many Shipments are left from your Plan? The procedure is super simple! ✨

Everything you got to do is enter Admin > Plans.

There you'll find all the information concerning your Plan on the top right of the page.

From there you'll also be able to select:

  1. Shipment range for next auto-renewal: select the number of shipments to be auto-renewed (eg. 500, 1000, etc.). By default, the value is set to the current volume of shipments in your Plan.

  2. Upgrade my shipment volume to the higher one when run out: select if automatically upgrade the number of shipments in your Plan once the original amount purchased runs out. The auto–renew will be triggered when the remaining shipments gets below 5% of the current total shipment volume.

    What if I run out of orders?

    Take a look at this guide to know more:

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