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Where can I find my Royal Mail Manifest?
Where can I find my Royal Mail Manifest?
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Royal Mail manifests requires a different procedure than the others.

Let's see how to create and find Royal Mail manifests! 🔎

  • As first thing, select the order for which you'd like to create it from Shipping Labels section.

  • Then click on Carriers > Royal Mail End of the Day:

  • Once proceeded, enter My Manifests section and you'll find there the original Royal Mail PDF of the Manifest.


Please remember to close the shipments every day, excluding weekends and bank holidays. Generally speaking, you should create and close shipments only on the order dispatch date, preferably just before the driver comes to pick up the parcels.

Also note that Royal Mail performs automatic closure every working day at 8PM UK time, so in case you don't correctly close the open shipments before that hour, the Royal Mail manifest won't get automatically generated in your My Manifests section. In that case, you will need to reach out to our Support Team so we can provide you with the correct document.

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