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How to fix Excel file importation Errors
How to fix Excel file importation Errors

Here how to solve the issues that you can face during Excel file importation

Updated over a week ago

Are you trying to import your Excel file but face some issues?

Keep reading to know how to solve them case by case! 🔎

📌 Import excel: Country must be in 2 digit format.

When this error occurs, fill Country field with the 2 digit abbreviation of the country of destination.

Ex. France - FR


📌 Import excel: Currency code must be in 3 digit format.

In this case you need to replace Currency value with a 3 digit content.



📌 Import excel: Order number X has not been imported, it already exists. 

Remind that order number value must be unique for each row, in fact it is not possible to import the same Order number / ID twice.

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