Retrieving all your Carriers' Rates has never been easier! ✨

With ShippyPro GetRates API Call you'll be able to get real-time shipping rates, calculate shipping costs and show live rates at checkout with only one API Call.

Which are the specific features of this API Call? 📌

With Get Rates API you'll be able to:

  • Compare Shipping Rates and choose the option that suits your needs the best.

  • Get and show Live Rates to your Customers at the Checkout so to increase the conversion rate.

📌 Note: GetRates API will work according to the Shipping Rules applied. If your GetRates call returns no Rates and no errors for a specific shipment, make sure your Shipping Rules are correctly set up and not blocking those SKUs.

📌Remember to value the transactionID of the order in the API_GetRates in order to use the ShippingService rule, otherwise it will be skipped. If the field transactionID is not populated, the filter for ShippingService can't be applied

📌 If your GetRates rates don’t match the rate shown in “To Ship”, make sure both GetRates and your My Profile > Preferences units of measure correspond!

📌 By copying the RateID from Shipping API call response you'll also be able to use our Invoice Analysis feature:

💡 How can I filter this call only for some specific connected Carriers?

You can filter this call for specific services by filling out the RateCarriers field with CarrierName and CarrierID, that you can retrieve from the APIKEYS page.

Eg. RateCarriers: [“CarrierName|CarrierID,CarrierName|CarrierID”

Want to know how to use them? Take a look at our API documentation!

And then start testing our API for Free:

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