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Why my Tracking doesn't work?
Why my Tracking doesn't work?
Here some useful tips if your Tracking seems not to work
Updated over a week ago

If you're experiencing some issues with your Tracking, don't panic! 🙌
Keep reading to know what may be the reason of the problem. 🔎

Carrier Disconnected.

Remember, once you delete your Carrier from Carrier > Connection, all the tracking codes won't be valid anymore.


Wait for the next day.

Some Carriers will generate a valid Tracking Code only after a certain hour, so wait for the next day to verify it.

Tracking Activation.

It's also possible that your Carrier needs a Tracking activation, contact you Carrier's Sales Person to request it.

End of the Day.

Verify to have correctly proceeded with the End of the Day in case you have set it on Manual from Carriers > Connection > Edit.

If your Carrier's icon presents the Green Tick ✅, it means the Carrier received shipment's information.

Once checked all of the above your Tracking should then work just fine! ✨

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