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Why my Amazon orders aren't imported?
Why my Amazon orders aren't imported?

Don't panic! Here some useful tips to help you solve the issue

Updated over a week ago

Have you connected your Amazon marketplace but you still can't import new orders?

Don't worry! Here what you can check to help you solve this issue! ✨

📌First of all, verify that your Amazon Auth Token isn't expired: If it's been a year since you connected Amazon for the first time, your Amazon Auth Token must be renewed! This is a security procedure imposed by Amazon. If it isn't yet expired, you can extend the validity of your security token by going in your Seller Central profile, then in the "Manage your Apps" section and click on the link that says "Extend validity".

If your token has expired, you should delete your current connection from the Carrier section and create a new one with the same credentials:

📌If by going to Marketplaces > Amazon > Edit and then click on Connect Amazon, you see this message:

Authentication error - Message: Access to Orders.ListOrders is denied

it means that the credentials included during connection to ShippyPro are not correct.

Verify your Amazon Seller Central access info and add them again on ShippyPro.

📌 Make sure that your Amazon orders only present digits, not special characters or symbols.

Otherwise, these symbols won't allow shipping data to be imported.

In this case, fix Orders IDs from the marketplace.

📌 Sometimes the order you're looking for has actually been already shipped.

In order to verify that, access Shipping Labels section and try searching for the order(s) missing through our Global Search button.

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