Connect Fedex USA and Canada to ShippyPro may seems tricky, but follow this step by step guide to change idea! ✨

Here how to do it! 🔎

Connect to Fedex Portal

If you are located in the USA or in Canada, click on this to access to FedEx Web Services Portal. Once in, scroll all the way down to "The Right Path" section and click on Get Started below Develop & Test.

At this point follow the procedure by Logging In and completing the next steps.

When completed all the required information, at the last step you'll be able to see some data, while in the meantime you'll receive an email with others complementary ones, copy and save them for later.

Repeat the same procedure by clicking on Step 4, Move to Production.

Write us

Gather the info collected and send all of them to us at [email protected] ✉️including the following information in order to proceed with the activation:

  1. How many shipments per month do you make?
  2. Which USA & Canada Fedex Services would you like to activate?

We'll provide for the last steps of the connection.

Once received our confirmation you'll then be ready to start shipping! 📦

FedEx Delivery Manager 🚚

Did you know that with FedEx Delivery Manager you can offer your customers the ability to customize their Delivery Date and Location without any extra Fee?

To allow this option you only need to enable notification from Carriers > Connection > Edit.

 Then your customers will be able to set their own preferences for the delivery!

📌 Note: if you get Invalid booking confirmation number error message, it means that for Fedex Freight it's necessary to book a pickup before to create the shipment.

Done! 🎉

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