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How can I manage My Feedback with a Custom Domain or a Widget?
How can I manage My Feedback with a Custom Domain or a Widget?

ShippyPro gives you the possibility to manage your own Feedback, discover how here!

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As you may know with ShippyPro you can decide to add a Feedback to your Tracking Emails to evaluate ShippyPro, Carrier and Product/Company.

ShippyPro also gives you the possibility to add a Personalized Domain on emails so that you'll be able to consult your Feedback directly from there, as well as include a Widget directly on your website to show customers your feedback.

The steps to follow for both set ups are actually super simple and quick! ✨

Let's see how. 🔎

Configure Custom Domain

First, create with your technician the CNAME Record you'd like to assign to ShippyPro on your DNS area of your domain, don't worry, she/he will know what we are talking about and it will take just few minutes! 🙌

Then set the Domain from Track and Trace > My Feedback by clicking on Configure Custom Domain.

g.e. add

 📌You can only add alphabetical characters, numbers are not a valid input.

Then Feedback from Email Notification will be displayed on your Custom Domain! You'll be able to consult it for yourself or let your customers take a look at it. 🔎


To set which notifications send take a look at Track&Trace > Email Conditions.

Once set up everything your Feedback can be managed from CNAME Record Page on your website.


  • Feedback will be automatically uploaded from your eBay, if you have one eBay account.


Embed Feedback Widget

Add ShippyPro Feedback Widget couldn't be easier! ✨

Click on Embed Feedback Widget from Track and Trace > My Feedback, you'll be automatically addressed to a page with a line of code to copy and paste wherever you want in your Website Body.

Once embed, the Widget should look like this:

Clicking on the Widget, it will open up a page with "feedback.yourwebsite.xx" address where all your Feedback received will be shown.

Feedback are so displayed on your Website so that your customers can see how good you're doing! 🚀

📌 Please note that Carriers' logos cannot be removed from the widget

Interested in trying this feature? Create a profile here!

Test our main tools: the first 30 shipments are completely free! ✨

Done! 🎉

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