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Why my TradeGecko orders are not imported on ShippyPro?
Why my TradeGecko orders are not imported on ShippyPro?

Don't panic! Here some useful tips to help you solve the issue

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Have you connected your TradeGecko marketplace but you still can't import new orders?

Don't worry! Here what you can check to help you solve this issue! ✨

📌Verify that orders information doesn't include Emoticons, Emoticon in fact are not supported by ShippyPro, make sure to have removed them from addresses or articles details.

📌 Have you just connected your Marketplace?

If you have just connected your TradeGecko Marketplace for the first time, you need to wait at least 10 minutes before your pending orders will be correctly imported into Label Creator > To Ship section. Click here to know more about how To Ship section works.

 📌 Is your Marketplace correctly connected?

As soon as you connect your marketplaces to ShippyPro, you'll receive a positive message telling you that the connection has been correctly established. 

You can check if your marketplace has been correctly connected from Carriers > Connection.

💡Note: Remember that the green circle under the column Status, it doesn't necessarily mean that the marketplace is connected: it means that the marketplace is enabled and not disabled.

📌 ShippyPro only imports paid and unshipped orders

ShippyPro imports only paid and unfulfilled orders. This means that orders that have already been shipped inside your marketplaces won't be imported.

📌Order has been already shipped

It may happen even to the best of us, sometimes the order you're looking for has actually been already shipped.

In order to verify that, access Shipping Labels section and try searching for the order(s) missing through our Global Search button.

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