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How to set up GLS Ecom Flex Delivery Service
How to set up GLS Ecom Flex Delivery Service

Here what you need to check for a correct GLS E-com connection

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In case you activated Flex Delivery Service service with GLS, it's important that everything is set up correctly on ShippyPro.

Let's see how! 🔎

Enable Email Notification. ✉️

It goes without saying, if you'd like to send emails to your customers you need to have this feature enabled. Go to Carriers > Connection > GLS > Edit and verify that you checked the option Invia notifiche email al destinatario

Mail field. 📝

For the emails to be sent it's also necessary that the dedicated field of the order is filled.

Keep in mind that in case the customer disabled Email Notification the address field won't be filled automatically.

💡Note: for Amazon's customers email address is only taken under customer's request.

💬 Write us on our Live Chat to help you activate Amazon's Email Notification!

How can I use GLS Flex Delivery Service for my shipments? 🚚

  • From Carrier > click on GLS Italy logo.

  • Scroll down inside the modal.

  • Select the Flex delivery service

Done! 🎉

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