Shopify Module is a useful tool that will allow you to show Carriers Rates and/or Drop Off Points at the Checkout after payment so that your customers will be able to choose themselves the most suitable service for their shipment.

Live Checkout will display the Carriers connected on ShippyPro: based on the name and the service connected there will be displayed Carriers prices accordingly.

Would you like to know more about how our Live Checkout works and what are its features? Try to take a look here!


📌 Note: To show live rates and/or Drop Off Points at Check-Out, Shopify requires Advanced or Annual Plan subscription that you can check at Shopify Pricing page.


📌 Shopify map will be displayed by the customer only after the payment.

Here how to set it up in just few steps.

Connect your Shopify. 🖥

First go to Marketplaces section and click on Shopify logo.

Then click on Link my Shopify account to start the connection.

You'll be then redirected to the Shopify App Store. Here you should click on Add App to download and install ShippyPro in your profile.

At this point Log in to your Shopify store with your store's URL.


You'll be redirected again to your ShippyPro profile to complete the connection, this will take just few seconds.

Enable Include drop off points at checkout (Require Advanced Shopify plan or higher) and/or Add my ShippyPro carrier rates to my Shopify Checkout (Require Advanced Shopify plan) option according to your needs from Marketplace > Edit section on ShippyPro.

And connect your Carriers too. 🚚

You need to connect your Carrier Accounts in order to show them at the Checkout. 

You can do that by clicking on Carriers > Connection and selecting the Carrier to connect.

More info about how to connect Carriers in our dedicated Help Section.

💡Note: to see rates they have to be added from Carriers > Connection > Edit Prices.

Want to know more about carriers rates set up? Click here!

Personalize your map ✏️

From Live Checkout > Maps Setup it's possible to add multiple settings in order to set up your maps according to your needs, as the color of the buttons, dimensions and the maximum distance shown from the address included.

But there's much more to discover, take a look yourself and don't forget to check our dedicated guide.


Done! 🎉

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